Services To Assist Your Needs

Consultative Healthcare

Let’s face it: the healthcare industry is overwhelming. Soaring pharmaceutical prices, limited access to quality care and complicated paperwork. AAC guides our clients, helping them to develop the most responsive, reliable and affordable healthcare solutions for their communities. From comprehensive reform to innovative and targeted programs that augment current work-flows, we design solutions that improve lives while driving down costs. An alternative solution is right around the corner. AAC HealthCare can help you get you there.

IT Services

The healthcare revolution starts with data. With unimaginable speed, connectivity, and processing power, emerging technologies will transform streams of patient data into evidence-based healthcare policies and interventions.

Let AAC address your healthcare IT concerns. Our expertise includes technical consulting, project management, network administration, HIPAA and other healthcare related data security solutions.

Quality and Compliance

AAC HealthCare is committed to developing innovative means to improve the health and quality of life for patients worldwide. We focus on the procurement, marketing and sale of only the highest quality generic and specialty pharmaceuticals, biologics, OTC’s and medical devices available.

We are committed to partnering with the most reputable manufacturers, distributors, and 3PL providers. Our vendors are thoroughly vetted for proper licensing, registration, and ethical conduct.

Good Manufacturing
Practice (GMP)


GMP are regulatory guidelines that pharmaceutical manufacturers must follow to ensure that…

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FDA Approved Products and Inspected Facilities


Every product marketed and sold by AAC is manufactured in FDA licensed and inspected facilit… 

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Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) Compliance


AAC HealthCare’s manufacturing partners, distributors, wholesalers, carriers and 3PL vendors…

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